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Our Commitments

Our vision

To be recognised locally, nationally and internationally as a world-class provider of academic learning and research that meets the highest standards of excellence and results in measurable improvements in the lives of students, their professions and the communities in which they live.

Our Mission

  • promote an environment valuing academic excellence

  • support staff and students to strive for quality outcomes in learning, teaching and research   

  • enhance students’ experiences through formal and non-formal curriculum

  • provide opportunities for research and its application to teaching as well as problems and issues in Hong Kong and beyond

  • meaningfully engage with the range of communities we serve

Values and priorities 

  • interwoven talent 

  • innovative teaching   

  • visible research

  • simple, sensible, safe

  • community integrated


The Faculty…

  • that academics, policy-makers and education professionals think of first

  • where students come to learn   

  • that employers look to for staff

  • that the community works with and comes to for help

  • where people want to work

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